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the distance from a lens to its focus

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My direction was to shoot portraits so I decided to go with a focal length that would fit my desired genre.
The problem is that such short focal lengths tend to offer poor eye relief, the distance from the outer surface of the eyepiece's eye lens within which you can view the full viewing angle.
The effective focal lengths for both components (camera lens and the used lens) are computed by using the following formula [10, 11].
For years these lenses have been de rigueur for sports and wildlife photographers, but it is the wide-angle focal lengths that match our 'total field of view' (and therefore the 'cone of visual attention' as well), that are gaining popularity with photographers, cameramen, and viewers in recent times.
Using high focal lengths in low light was a complete disaster as the camera was unable to focus and pictures turned out grainy and out of focus.
To have the option of taking wide-angle and telephoto pictures, you needed other lenses of fixed focal lengths.
angle lens equivalent to a 24mm focal length or wider is absolutely essential for controlling perspective.
Just as shifted perspective and multiple reflections challenged the mews' spatial logic, as focal lengths double and apparently massive surfaces float, so inclusion of the treatment facilities contradicts the conventional logic of the mews as a place for art.
The Image 1 Pendulum system offers a number of advanced features, including the camera bead's small size and multiple focal lengths.
Say you have two telescopes with the same aperture but different focal lengths.
It took both [visual and scientific evidence] to make a compelling argument" For instance, Falco used the sizes of objects and people in the paintings to calculate diameters, focal lengths, and other characteristics of lenses and mirrors that might have been used to project those forms.
The system is fully motorised with microprocessor control, and the lens offers parfocal selection of five effective focal lengths, four selectable filters and a four-line backlit display of focal length, filter position, focus range and operating status.
5" to 2" dia sizes and focal lengths from 1" to 20", depending on configuration, and mirrors fabricated from silicon, molybdenum, and copper in sizes from 1" to 3" dia and a variety of styles.
A choice of three interchangeable V-mount lenses in 15-mm, 20-mm, and 25-mm focal lengths optimizes image size, while a C-mount adaptor for the camera head enables easy attachment to any standard colposcope or microscope.
These points can be extremely small because the microscopic lenslets can have very short focal lengths while presenting reasonable numerical apertures.