focal length

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the distance from a lens to its focus

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Because I had no other choice of focal length, I researched and tried to learn everything I could about focal length.
The time-honored solution to this ergonomie difficulty is to combine an eyepiece of moderately long focal length (and thus comfortable eye relief and an eye lens of reasonable diameter) with a Barlow lens or other image amplifier that doubles or triples the magnification.
Table 1: Calibration parameters after optimization using 6th order distortion model for lens of effective focal length 30.
Depth of field is an important consideration in photography: it is the area in front of and behind the point of focus that is also in acceptable focus, and the shorter the lens focal length, the greater the depth of field available.
At the highest focal length, the pictures turned out to be sharp but I did face a bit of a challenge to get the subjects in focus.
The results can use to calculate the focal length of molded microlens by optical formula.
There is the problem of lateral chromatic aberration due to the wedge at the outer rim of the objective lens, but this has been reduced to a minimum by having a very long focal length.
5 m away with a conventional high-resolution, compact camera lens with a 38 mm focal length.
How they work:Any camera lens has a focal length, the distance from the film to the main focal point of the lens.
Longer focal lengths compress information, while wide-angle lenses can create a richly layered sense of depth.
The systems to be characterized are diverse and range from small objectives for automotive applications (diameter and focal length of a few millimeters) to systems for space travel (diameter up to 150 mm, Focal lengths up to 500 mm).
3B, a 2/3" portable 4K zoom lens with the world's widest focal length.
At the eyepiece end of the main body is an 8-inch spherical mirror of 192 inches focal length.
This is in honesty one of the most important factors in getting gorgeous portraits (besides lighting of course), and that background blur isn't just dependant on fast apertures, but is also determined by sensor size and the focal length of the lens.