focal infection

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bacterial infection limited to a specific organ or region especially one causing symptoms elsewhere

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Immunohistochemistry has proved to be excellent immunological technique for effective identification of MG antigens in predilection tissues for focal infection (Nunoya et al.
Impact of rapid viral testing for influenza A and B viruses on management of febrile infants without signs of focal infection.
The results of our study are remarkably similar, because the light focal infections were consistently found in a pallial organ, whereas heavier and more diffuse infections observed QPX in the visceral mass as well.
Before the development of modern periodontal treatments, may teeth were extracted prophylactically because of the focal infection therapy[2].
Of these, the most important was focal infection or focal sepsis, the doctrine that bacteria could furtively attack vulnerable parts of the body, proliferate, and infuse the bloodstream with dangerous toxins.
As well as septicaemia or focal infection, such as septic arthritis.
Nine had focal infection (64%), 8 of whom were diagnosed with acute enterocolitis and 1 with acute tonsillitis.
Negative leukocyte scans reliably exclude inflammation-causing focal infection as a cause of undiagnosed fever.
As I understood it, focal infection came principally from diseased teeth, and in my part of the world we were greatly impressed--indeed we were awed and humbled--by a famous dental surgeon who devoted all of his Sundays (for nothing, just for the sheer philanthropy of the thing) to pulling the teeth of the inmates of our largest mental hospital.
The chance of developing focal infection is high in diabetic patients [4] The greater frequency of infections in diabetic patients is caused by the hyperglycaemic environment that favors immune dysfunction (damage to the neutrophil function, depression of the antioxidant system, and humoral immunity).
The focal infection serves as a direct source of bacteria from the underlying infection through the bloodstream and lymph system to spread systemically to all tissues in the body.
All participants underwent drainage of their focal infection and were randomized to 7 days of clindamycin or cephalexin.
Objective: To determine the influence of rapid diagnosis of influenza on patient management and laboratory tests as well as the length of the stay in the emergency department of children presenting with influenza-like illness (ILI) without signs of focal infection.
6 Clinical form Maternal/neonatal 67 64 44 55 Not maternal/neonatal 202 199 144 165 Bacteriema 122 110 85 89 Central nervous system infection 65 73 51 67 Focal infection 15 16 8 9 Characteristic 2003 2004 2005 2006 No.