focal distance

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the distance from a lens to its focus


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In this experiment, the design value of the focal distance is -0.
A previous calibration in air and in a test tank provided correlation rules between raw data and field angle or focal distance.
Each features luscious spreads, loaded with visually-interesting details, many of which are too small to pick out readily with the naked eye--but are revealed when the hand lens is applied to the page, provided that the detective can find the proper focal distance that allows the difficult-to-see object to be revealed, while not losing it in a blur of tiny dots that make up the printed picture.
The focal distance of the system allows contact-to-noncontact switching with standard 20 mm styli without moving the probe, thus avoiding the need to requalify.
In ProMetric G, the system senses the focal distance and aperture setting being used and automatically selects the correct calibration, which greatly simplifies measurement setup and improves accuracy.
John Pecora, Rembrandt 3D VP observed: "One of the key improvements of our new 4K lens design is that it holds a tight 3D focus over the entire focal distance of the image.
Putting in the kind of motion sensors that are used in the iPhone also allows the glasses to sense when someone is reading a book or a newspaper and so change the focal distance of the lenses automatically.
To reach full visual display of whole scanned object on the scanning chip, we have to choose focal distance which has smaller value as calculated focal distance.
This focal distance tolerance also compensates for problems resulting from product vibrations and movements whilst on the conveyor and ensures consistently high quality, high-contrast marking, even where condensation is present on the bottles.
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