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having or localized centrally at a focus

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Muller's response will be yes: vulnerable plaque is a focal disease, the cure of which warrants the risks of local therapy * Thursday, October 26: He will be moderating a discussion of regional plaque passivation strategies.
It is somewhat amazing that an accurate 3-dimensional image of the coronary arteries and sites of focal disease can be obtained from a beating heart," said Dr.
This team approach enables us to distinguish focal disease from diffuse disease, identify the specific site of the focal lesion and perform a surgical cure for the vast majority of children with focal hyperinsulinism.
Our understanding of atherosclerosis has shifted from a focal disease whose hallmark is symptoms caused by a severe stenosis to a systemic disease characterized by endothelial dysfunction (ED) and plaque inflammation, with the potential for rupture and thrombosis mainly in those with subcritical stenosis.
Anderson Cancer Center in Houston reported using limited surgical resection followed by wide-field irradiation for focal disease, and they were able to treat patients with advanced disease who would have otherwise required radical excision plus radiation with or without chemotherapy.
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