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having or localized centrally at a focus

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So each medium has a default focal point, and the focal point is good in that it focuses, and bad in that there is a blind spot.
The Ong Radio group is proud to commemorate 76 years of excellence with Focal-JM Lab, with the launch of the Focal Scala V2 in Malaysia," said Malcolm Ong, Chief Executive Officer of the Ong Radio Group.
The researchers found the number of focal areas decreased from early to peak rut, whereas the average number of visitations increased.
He said that the focal persons would keep close coordination with local administration, health department and other stakeholders to make activities before, after and during campaign a success.
Is there a role for focal therapy in localized prostate cancer?
While the sign-up form that accompanied the letter inviting members to serve contained a box permitting members to decline to serve, only a handful checked the box, and in almost every case another name was supplied as someone more appropriate to serve on the FOCAL Team.
Oczachowski continued, "Utilizing a focal therapy approach to target the cancer cells within the prostate gland for the treatment of prostate cancer is gaining wider acceptance across the international urological community.
ISLAMABAD -- Citizens of Federal Capital have expressed grave concerns over the inefficiency of CDA's assigned Focal persons, saying that the focal persons failed to address public grievances.
The NCTM Focal Points also combine several standards under each topic, resulting in the appearance of fewer standards, but there seems to be little difference between Virginia's current state standards and the Focal Points.
It is also a great sign that Pacific Bell is making cooperative efforts on working together with competitive phone service providers like Focal.
This article will revie'w the legislative and judicial development of the home office deduction; analyze the Supreme Court's recent decision in Soliman; determine if, and to what extent, taxpayers can still expect to benefit from the home office deduction; and discuss the judicially created focal point test used by the courts to determine home office deductibility - its development, erosion, abandonment and resurrection under a new name in Soliman.
In Fleisher's case, it inhibits the effects of focal dystonia.
Focal Point President, Ken Robinson, stated, "As one of the original brands in the industry, Focal Point is known for its exceptional quality and designs.
a privately held company that has developed an irreversible electroporation (IRE) soft tissue ablation technology intended for use in targeted, or focal, cancer and benign tumor therapy.