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Synonyms for foamy


Synonyms for foamy

consisting of or resembling foam

Synonyms for foamy

producing or covered with lathery sweat or saliva from exhaustion or disease

Related Words

emitting or filled with bubbles as from carbonation or fermentation

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Black Rock is, as the name suggests is black in colour with a dark red hue and a foamy light beige head.
IT was the foamy frolic that had everyone fooled - and turned an ordinary student into a prince for one day.
A large, foamy white head is present which adheres to the glass whilst the beer is drunk.
Brewers Scottish Courage have developed a way of spraying a tight foamy head on to lager which will remain intact to the bottom of the glass.
Guinness 1944 Antwerpen Stout is pitch black in colour and pours with a foamy beige head.
Longboard Lager is pale straw in colour and pours with a brilliant white, very foamy head.
This beer is pale gold in colour and pours with a foamy white head.