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Synonyms for foaming

emitting or filled with bubbles as from carbonation or fermentation

producing or covered with lathery sweat or saliva from exhaustion or disease

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There is passion, adoration, in his eyes, and he goes about in a sort of trance, gazing in ecstasy at the swelling sails, the foaming wake, and the heave and the run of her over the liquid mountains that are moving with us in stately procession.
The wind whistled, the sea roared, the gloom was only broken by the ghastly glare of the foaming breakers, the minds of the seamen were full of dreary apprehensions, and some of them fancied they heard the cries of their lost comrades mingling with the uproar of the elements.
The foams' stability, rheological properties and physical properties, such as foam density and bubble size, were measured to evaluate the effect of foaming agents and whipping times on the foam's stability and characteristics.
In-situ foaming is applicable to central heating and air-conditioning systems, caps, and valves.
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The new glues also had foaming behaviour comparable to that of blood-proteins glue.
C is required (in addition to O) for heat generation during melting and superheating to tap temperature and to achieve produce CO for slag foaming and the resulting clean steel.
Within each of them, Sekisui Voltek can modify elements like resin selection, additives, foaming technologies, cross-linking parameters, density and thickness to achieve the performance parameters customers need.
Wide range of Hydrocerol chemical blowing agents and nucleating agent masterbatches can be used for foaming most all commonly used thermoplastic resins and blends.
will hold its Seventh International Conference on Blowing Agents and Foaming Processes May 10-11 at the Millennium Hotel in Stuttgart, Germany.
When combined with tin catalysts, DMAE gives more independent control of foaming reaction than other amine catalysts.
Additionally, the acceleration in sales growth for instant-foaming hand soap continues to encourage usage of Airspray one-touch mechanical foamers in other leading product categories and line extensions such as instant foaming shampoos and body wash specifically targeted to kids.
As a result, they are working on a practical and economical procedure to determine the blowing-agent content in the polymer and in foam-cell gas, as well as blowing-agent emissions from the foaming reaction.
Foaming fundamentals and types of rigid foam will be discussed, along with recycling and trends in the industry, including test methods.