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the property of being foamy

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sigh as you first encounter the glorious trio: the base is smooth and sweeter-than-thou, topped by the tart foaminess of a meringue and finally dusted with spicy cinnamon.
Because of this foaminess, not all photons would travel at the same speed.
The product maintains its foaminess well and the subtle fragrance is refreshing.
In addition, the APE-based surfactants usually increase the foaminess of waterborne coatings and can also negatively impact the coatings' water resistance.
There have been many questions raised regarding the use of natural yeasts such as the efficiency of sugar-to-alcohol conversions, off-aromas, stuck fermentations, foaminess, volatile acidity, filtration, lack of fruitiness, and aging potential.
Based on descriptions of its physical properties, especially its foaminess, and its behavior, Aristotle determines that semen is composed of water and pneuma, heated air.