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Synonyms for foam

foam at the mouth or be foaming at the mouth


Synonyms for foam

a mass of bubbles in or on the surface of a liquid

to form or cause to form foam

Synonyms for foam

a mass of small bubbles formed in or on a liquid

a lightweight material in cellular form

become bubbly or frothy or foaming

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2]," Chul Park and Dong Lai Xu, University of Toronto, Canada; and "The effect of extrusion conditions on the morphology of chemically foamed thermoplastic elastomers," Denis Rodrigue and Ramin Khodabashkh, Universite Laval, Canada.
Demand for foamed polystyrene demand is expected to exhibit below average growth through 2013 to 2.
Applications for use include foamed wood composites.
2) that elastomeric alloys may be foamed using water as the sole mechanical blowing agent.
Foamed silicone elastomers may be based on HCR or RTV formulations.
Earthstone International, LLC today announced that it has retained Allegiance Capital Corporation, a Dallas-based, full-service investment banking firm to raise $9-12 million in investment funds to be used to increase the marketing effort behind the company's current product lines of non-toxic, chemical-free, home-improvement and cleaning products and to fuel research and development efforts on the use of its white foamed glass technology for residential and commercial building products.
Foam technology has been extended to elastomeric alloys to allow their use in foamed rubber applications.
And the Societe Pour l'Industrialisation Rationelle du Batiment (IRBA GP) in France pioneered extrusion of foamed PVC profiles by the Celuka process, which cooled the surface in a calibrator to form a solid skin.
According to David Bernstein, President and CEO of Trexel, "We have demonstrated that the MuCell process has wide applicability across a number of diverse materials, resulting in foamed products with increased toughness and compressive and tensile strength.
Despite early experiments with sodium bicarbonate--ordinary baking soda--the era of foamed plastics had to await the results of German work on hydrazine-based rocket propellents during World War II.
Several layers are applied--solid or foamed, reinforced or unreinforced--and cured in the open mold at ambient temperature.
Utilizing a Cannon shuttle table, 10 windows are being foamed on one platen while an equal number of parts on a second platen are being unloaded and loaded up for the next batch.
In solid molded versions, thermal cycling led to cracking of the O-ring used to position the part, whereas the foamed product proved crack resistant.
These early foamed films are mature products now in relatively flat markets.
to develop foamed wood composites that could replace pressure-treated lumber.