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None of the flashing dummies was found on sale but a small quantity of the foam rubber tubes were found and immediately removed from sale.
Like the price of big foam rubber Statue of Liberty hats.
For example, to reduce the risk of fire, don't put plastics, articles containing foam rubber, rags contaminated with gasoline or other flammable solvents, or mop heads into the dryer.
The armholes of the new model are extra large to allow unfettered movement, and have built-in armrests with foam rubber padding.
A nonslip foam rubber pad prevents scratches and scuffs to the wall, while plastic caps keep sliders on the end of the bar when not locked in place.
Apart from the bizarre airbrushing of Rachel Stevens, so that her body appears to be made of foam rubber - after a sudden downpour, could you ring her out like a wet flannel?
Pica for foam rubber in patients with sickle cell disease.
Maybe she could do a duet with Shawna Dempsey, co-creator of the renowned "We're Talking Vulva"--a piece performed from inside a foam rubber replication of female genitalia.
Using an energy and shock-absorbing material called SKYDEX Smarter Cushioning Technology, Gill's vault box collar is four inches thick, but according to the company, the amount of shock it absorbs compared to two inches of foam rubber is remarkable.
20 share is about the softest with the consistency of foam rubber.
Damp basements and closets, bathrooms, places where fresh food is stored, air conditioners, humidifiers, garbage pails, mattresses, upholstered furniture and old foam rubber pillows.
Somebody could throw out some foam rubber, and soon you have stones for a crypt.
These Permafoam Run-Rat tyres rely on closed cell foam rubber to completely fill and adhere to the inside cavity of a tyre.
He sat in a wheelchair with his heavily bandaged arms resting on wide, foam rubber supports.