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Synonyms for foam

foam at the mouth or be foaming at the mouth


Synonyms for foam

a mass of bubbles in or on the surface of a liquid

to form or cause to form foam

Synonyms for foam

a mass of small bubbles formed in or on a liquid

a lightweight material in cellular form

become bubbly or frothy or foaming

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All these foam recycling machinery is able to reduce foam scrap size up to 1:90 thus providing a complete solution for any company.
A foam component is die cut from a sheet that must lay flat and remain in place while being transported a thousand miles in a hot, humid truck.
Processors facing such a conversion will have to balance the cost of alternative blowing agents against effects on processing and foam properties.
The foams' stability, rheological properties and physical properties, such as foam density and bubble size, were measured to evaluate the effect of foaming agents and whipping times on the foam's stability and characteristics.
Vulcan wanted to pursue an idea to expand the size and scope of this effort, so it took several of the foam pattern segments to Vulcan Engineering, where, with the help of Citation Foam, Columbiana, Ala.
Polyurethane foam SIPS have insulating foam that is injected into a mold, adhering the OSB to the foam.
Today, the goal of the plastic foam industry is to make a material that remains lighter than solid plastic but has many of the same qualities of durability and flexible rigidity as the solid version, and to do so without having to rely on ozone-depleting gases.
Finnish researchers 15 years ago discovered that the lightweight foam acquires piezoelectric properties after it's zapped with several thousand volts.
Greg says it became part of his job to convince purchasing managers to stick with foam as a choice for plates, cups and trays, since he would be able to supply a recycling service for the material.
We're testing the effectiveness of the use of class-A and compressed-air foam,'' said Jo Dutton, western regional manager for Foam Pro.
Insulation growth will be fueled by the superior insulating qualities of urethane and polystyrene foams compared to fiberglass, coupled with their competitive costs, ease of installation and ability to be added to existing structures through foamed-in-place techniques.
Foam Fix is a process that produces single sided adhesive (Foam Fix I) or an optional double-sided adhesive (Foam Fix II) foam products without a subsequent converting operation.
Total Time Accumulator determines total amount of foam dispensed to ensure better inventory control and planning.
This manufacturer of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape systems is said to specialize in providing a broad range of custom foam bonding solutions for automotive, electronics, construction, graphic arts, medical and general industrial applications.
Despite early struggles, recent improvements in the lost foam casting process have heightened its appeal to metalcasting facilities looking to expand their casting capabilities.