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The wranglers consulted with a veterinarian and treated symptoms, but the condition of the foals gradually worsened over the week of Oct.
The next day volunteers at the centre in Caerphilly went to collect the foals from a location in Ogmore, where they were told the foals would be dumped.
Foal rescued after it gets stranded from mother by following walkers for four miles THIS foal was rescued after following walkers for four miles and becoming stranded from his mother.
Along with top-of-the-Sale Fronarth Royal Queen, foals in general were very much in demand; the second-top foal and fifth-highest of the whole Sale being the dark bay section C filly Popsters RockChick which sold for PS5,500 to Miss Wayman of Rotherham.
NOSE to nose, this is Promise the orphaned foal who staged a fight for life after an internet plea found her a foster mother.
Horse experts reckon the odds of a mare giving birth to healthy twin foals are about one in 10,000.
UK-based charity The Brooke is urging People readers to back its 2009 campaign to help the foals.
FOLLOWING on with Lisa and Mark Bruin's foal handling series this week we look at how important a slow start is for teaching foals new things.
Immediately after being born, most foals position themselves upright, enabling the lungs to expand properly.
She's a little slower than most foals because her legs are so long.
It was sad to have lost the mare, but at least the foal is absolutely fine, and to have two foals when it could have been much worse is great,' she said.
To avoid possible bone disease in foals, it's important that pregnant broodmares be fed nutrients to meet but not exceed recommended requirements.
Six foals were saved from the threat of being fed to lions at a zoo by a kind-hearted horse-lover.
Foals can gallop after about 24 hours and our front page picture illustrates the joyful first sprint of a mare and foal.
Builder Neil MacCarter saw two homegrown foals grab the Section D & C championships at Bryn Derw, Brynrefail.