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living quarters consisting of a superstructure in the bow of a merchant ship where the crew is housed

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Firefighters from Benllech and Amlwch were called to a fire at the Fo'c'sle Collection in Machine Street in Amlwch shortly before 1.
CUTLINE: (1) Betty Padden of The Wooden Apple Signmakers works on a dragon for the Fo'c'sle, the oldest rural tavern in Nova Scotia.
Before I walked down to the fo'c'sle to give my presentation, I made a quick pass through the ready room to gather any stragglers.
On the fo'c'sle, our main armament, a four-inch naval gun encased in a heavy steel shield, took the initial brunt of the icing and became a solid block of ice.
Scores of protective tiles were missing or hanging off the fo'c'sle, exposing the rusting hull below.
He says our own Prince Philip's taste in jokes shows an extraordinary crassness 'more suited to the fo'c'sle of a whaler than international goodwill tours', while George V and Queen Mary were terrible parents and 'it is quite conceivable that if they lived today and resided on a council estate rather than a royal one, their children would be taken into care'.
I was in the fo'c'sle of a trawler and got entangled in the chain.
Listening to these hearsay tales in fo'c'sle and master's cabin, Conrad grasped themes and patiently shaped and honed his technique as a novelist.
He ran to his post at a fire and rescue station on the fo'c'sle.
The 75-word list also included head-scratchers like poetaster, rehoboam and fo'c'sle.