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living quarters consisting of a superstructure in the bow of a merchant ship where the crew is housed

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BOARD MEETING Newquay is a Mecca for surfers QUAINT: The Fo'c's'le is just one of Cornwall's gastronomic jewels
If we drop the pump on the fo'c's'le or flight deck, we'll then have to haul the pump through the ship, which will require us to cross several knee-knockers.
While contemporary filmmakers like Peter Watkins, Ken Burns, Michael Moore, or the Israeli director David Ofek have widely different ideas about the use of the documentary, they share one thing in common: they have all come from under the fo'c's'le hatch of a North Sea fishing trawler.
A sailing yacht, complete with fo'c's'le for writing, ship's cat and bathing ladder.
Passing along to the fo'c's'le deck, the Whimbrel's tall, black-topped funnel, complete with her nowmute sirens, loomed over us.
We put six sailors up on the most dangerous part of the fo'c's'le, getting tired and wet, to provide at best an inaccurate reading of the distance between two ships, so the conning officer can keep the destroyer at the right distance from the oiler.