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weighs no more than 115 pounds

an amateur boxer who weighs no more than 112 pounds

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The flyweight is confident that a lot of Irish fans will show up to support him.
Now he's waiting for British flyweight champ Kevin Satchell to decide if he'll take a rematch after a controversial points victory in Liverpool last year.
Former English and Commonwealth champ Haskins will be severely tested on the night with unbeaten English bantamweight champion Craig Lyon and hotly fancied unbeaten English flyweight champion Ashley Sexton both in action.
BRUMMIE Don Broadhurst has proved he is a frightening flyweight.
Flyweights have notoriously been hard to promote but an explosive Mexican world champion (Jorge Armando Arce) has ensured the division's stock is beginning to rise.
When we talk about little fighters, we mean those who earned their crust in the lighter divisions - feather, bantam and flyweight.
FLYWEIGHT hopeful Paul Edwards, rapidly becoming the most dodged fighter in Britain, is training towards a date in Huddersfield at the end of the month.
He said: "There aren't too many flyweights in the UK or Europe, but that means I will be mixing with the best in the world before too long.
But typically modest Bannon said: 'I'd rather talk about my sensational 15year-old flyweight Barry Kane.
Promoter Jess Harding said: "Hopefully both boxers will come through these contests to set up an exciting battle of flyweight champions.
JOHN DONNELLY is out to prove that he is a genuine flyweight title threat tonight, when the Sky Sports cameras roll back into town for their live Friday Night Fights series.
The two best flyweights in Europe are Damaen Kelly and Jason Booth and that would be a classic show.
Promoter Frank Maloney said: "Apart from heavyweight boxing, the flyweights have always been my favourite division.
FIFE has a rich history of producing fine flyweights over the years and new kid on the block Peter Cannon is certainly no exception.
PETER CULSHAW called out all of the world's top flyweights after he totally dominated top rated Thai Wandee Charoen at Wembley Conference Centre.