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the geographic route along which birds customarily migrate

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Of the four flyways, the Mississippi hosts the greatest number of migrating mallards, most of which travel south within a very narrow corridor.
When it comes to snow geese, Atlantic Flyway hunters rely mainly on the population of greater snow geese that nest on Bylot and Baffin Islands in the North Atlantic and in Greenland.
Birdlife Cyprus hopes to launch an awareness raising campaign against illegal trapping with donations it will receive from the birdwatching race Champions of the Flyway, which will take place in Eilat, Israel onMarch 25, in a show of support to the Cypriot organisation.
The flyways act as a major viral transmission barrier to the intracontinental spread of the H5N1 bird flu virus within Asia, whereas geographical distances between flyways have little effect on H5N1 transmission.
ISLAMABAD -- Migratory birds, who arrived in Pakistan at the advent of winter, has almost left for Europe, Central Asian states and India through Indus Flyway, as 700,000 : 1,200,000 birds come to Pakistan in winter season every year.
ISLAMABAD -- Around 700,000-1,200,000 guest birds have arrived in Pakistan through Indus Flyway from Europe, Central Asian states and India.
From the breeding grounds to Bayou Meto, those two factors influence everything from the spring hatch to pushing ducks down the flyway to what they do when they get to Arkansas.
Over the last 30 years, things have changed in the flyway and at Middle Creek.
Across the globe, different migratory flyways are recognised, which represent different chains of sites.
Subsequently, viruses from this clade were found in Mongolia, Russia, Europe, and Africa along the migratory flyways of birds (3,4).
Six different subspecies of red knots migrate along global flyways from southern wintering sites to discrete breeding grounds in the high Arctic tundras.
The service works in partnership with state biologists from the four flyways - Atlantic, Mississippi, Central and Pacific - to establish regulations such as hunting season lengths, dates and bag limits for waterfowl hunting seasons.
A unit of Gateway National Recreation Area, the refuge offers 9,000 acres of open bay, salt marsh, upland woods and fields, and fresh-water ponds--prime habitat for wildlife, and an essential rest stop for birds migrating along the Hudson and Atlantic flyways.
officials are now testing thousands of birds in the Pacific and Atlantic flyways.