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the geographic route along which birds customarily migrate

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Photographer Tupper Ansel Blake has documented the birds, landscapes, and wildlife of the flyway in an impressively thorough manner; through April, his photographs are on display in an exhibit titled "Tracks in the Sky: Wildlife and Wetlands of the Pacific Flyway.
Every autumn millions of mallard ducks swarm into the Cache/White River country--the heart of their wintering grounds along the Mississippi Flyway.
Located at the confluence of the Arkansas, White and Mississippi rivers, this small town of 10,000 at the bottom of the Mississippi flyway has been known for decades as the "Duck and Rice Capital of the World" and indeed it is.
Pacific Flyway services the Sportsman's Warehouse account, as do many other wholesalers, along with many other independent retail accounts.
The North Sea flyway joins the wetlands of northwestern Russia to western Europe wintering sites and runs through Scandinavia, the Baltic basin, and the North Sea.
Jim de Fouw of NIOZ said that the forthcoming conference is aimed at raising awareness about wetlands and to stress their international importance for the world's biodiversity; communicating scientific information about the global connectivity and community ecology of wetlands; highlighting Barr al Hikman's unique position within the West Asian - East African migratory flyway and promoting the idea that its international importance should be taken into account when evaluating possible developments of the area.
Each year the Klamath Basin serves as a migratory stopover for nearly three-quarters of all Pacific Flyway waterfowl, with peak fall concentrations of over 2 million ducks, geese, and swans," said CWA President, Dr.
2005 Pacific Flyway data book: waterfowl harvests and status, hunter participation and success, and certain hunting regulations in the Pacific Flyway and United States.
Governors on opposite ends of the Mississippi Flyway are seeking a new Wetlands Loan Act, which would borrow from future federal duck stamp revenues for immediate benefit of key waterfowl habitats.
And it's a critical stop for neotropical songbirds migrating along the Atlantic flyway, making the Dismal a haven for birdwatchers.
The photographs on these pages were taken at two flyway stops where ducks and geese converge in largest numbers this time of year: the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuges on the Oregon-California border, and Sacramento N.
Established conservation leader will serve as vice president of the Pacific Flyway and executive director of Audubon California
The wood duck harvest was up last season, but kills for many other species in the flyway declined.
One of the loops connects the corridor to the DND flyway and provides uninterrupted traffic flow from Noida to AIIMS.
Mainstreaming Conservation of Migratory Soaring Birds into Key Productive Sectors Along the Rift Valley/Red Sea flyway.