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an implement with a flat part (of mesh or plastic) and a long handle

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In two instances, children in FCC and FFN said their provider spanked or hit them with a flyswatter.
That's when we log on, make sure that designer flyswatter is still in stock and that shirt is available in light aqua, and place our order.
Tsukushi is a born fighter, however, and fight back she does--with fist, flyswatter and foot.
Those few who had one, and it was hot where they were, could console themselves with one of the spin- off Dick & Pat Flyswatter & Fan models: The Camp David, the EOB, the White House, and of course, The Watergate.
That, and keep an imaginary flyswatter handy to sweep them out of the way.
My mother would attempt to spank me with a flyswatter if she could catch me.
Supposing you have the odd fly buzzing round your front room, you can chase it maniacally armed with this gadget and, once it's in the sights, release the mobile flyswatter.
But what we're witnessing instead is a constant and continual chipping away, and too frequently our legislators tackle a problem with a sledge hammer rather than the constitutionally required flyswatter.
Where can one find a bust of Elvis Presley, a life-size cutout of Lionel Ritchie, a Country Music Hall of Fame flyswatter, and hundreds of thousands of recordings?
The challenge from the independent union was brief, but its publication, The Flyswatter, claimed that it was enough of a threat that SWOC issued a publication called the Ladle against it.
Third album Daisies of the Galaxy, is a hoot too - the brilliant Flyswatter and I Like Birds ("I can't look at the rocket launch, the trophy wives of the astronauts; look at all the people like cows in a herd, well I like.