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Synonyms for flyspeck

a tiny dark speck made by the excrement of a fly

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What we initially mistook for flyspecks were the result of 30 years of tacked-up posters.
As you pick the last apples, don't be bothered by fungus blotches and flyspecks that sometimes appear on the fruit under humid weather conditions; they are only skin deep and can be easily scrubbed away in the kitchen.
Pete Seeger, Henscratches and Flyspecks (New York, NY: Berkley Medallion Books, 1973), 9.
Integrated circuit chips fashioned from flyspecks of rare earths and traces of silicon marshal knowledge and information that can change the fate of a business or an empire.
This," says Antin, "is a traditional phrase poetry in spite of the illusion of punctuation, with its seemingly orthodox commas and periods, that at times seem almost appropriate but then become as irrelevant as flyspecks randomly distributed over a musical score.
When people owned fewer things and regularly used those they acquired, their belongings were constantly being moved and hence did not simply sit stock-still, passively accepting the slow-motion shower of microscopic dust mites, flyspecks, and sloughed threads of textiles drifting down upon them like invisible confetti.
Most of the Statements will be flyspecks on the history of accounting.
Krummel, "Music as Vibrations and as Flyspecks," Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters 58 (1970): 15.
pellet looks like a goliath next to the flyspecks known as micropellets.