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paper that is poisoned or coated with a sticky substance to kill flies

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It wasn't just the purchase of flypapers that would count against Florence in the trial, but also her affair with Alfred Brierly, a cotton merchant from a wealthy Liverpool family who socialised with the Maybricks at Aintree races and grand balls.
The story of the Alabama beauty who murdered her poor husband with arsenic soaked off flypapers grew in notoriety.
They organise social events which are more like flypapers to catch solicitors.
It begins at the 08 Place in Whitechapel on Thursdays and Fridays with extended weekend tours venturing into Aigburth taking in Battlecrease House, the Maybricks' home, and the chemist's where Florence purchased the flypapers.
Their murder method was ``the good old arsenic'', a poison much favoured by Victorian killers who could make their own by soaking flypapers in water.
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