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paper that is poisoned or coated with a sticky substance to kill flies

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Flypaper CMS consists of a trio of elements that create a single, easy-to-use system.
As mentioned above, Hines also finds strong evidence of a flypaper effect.
Madrian, "Mental Accounting in Portfolio Choice: Evidence from a Flypaper Effect," NBER Working Paper No.
Flypaper Studio Inc, a provider of Flash and motion graphics for digital signage networks, today announced that it has released its version 3.
Rats will volunteer to get caught in rat-raps, mice ditto in mouse traps, flies love to be stuck on flypaper.
Surrounded by insect-riddled flypaper, it had become mummified by the warm air that had circulated through the confined space over the decades.
Myisha Priest's essay on Langston Hughes's representations of the black body in his children's work The Sweet Flypaper of Life, and its possible connection to Hughes's earlier poem about Till, "Mississippi--1955," is the exception to these rules.
But it's also a big piece of flypaper that can gather data on the latest types of intrusions.
A DEATHTRAP OF MUCUS gashing through the water like flypaper.
Fast content processing - Flypaper has completely removed the databases and replaced them with an XML system.
It will give us the opportunity to jointly open up a world of advanced collaboration between Flash developers and knowledge workers," said Pat Sullivan, Flypaper CEO.
com, FiberNet Telecom Group, Flarion Technologies, Flypaper.
We're excited to present this next evolution of Flypaper and can confidently say there is nothing in the market like it," said Pat Sullivan, CEO of Flypaper Studio.
Catalyst Performance Learning, a global developer of sales training content and corporate eUniversities, uses Flypaper as the cornerstone for their Flash development projects.
It's costly, time-consuming, not reusable, and they can't track the output," said Pat Sullivan, CEO of Flypaper Studio.