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a school for teaching students to fly airplanes

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The inquest heard how flying school student logs showed Mr Hendrickson had recently completed exercise 10a - slow flight - which aims to familiarize a student with characteristics of the aircraft close to stall.
The news was welcomed by South Warwickshire Flying School managing director Rodney Galiffe.
Specifically, we want to know if CAAP's rules really prohibit students of flying schools from piloting rented planes without a license," he said, adding that if such a rule exists and a flying school is known to frequently violate it, the BI will consider revoking that school's accreditation and its authority to accept foreign students.
By November the CAA had certified the school to offer primary flying training and then recertified it in 1940 as a primary flying school authorized to provide secondary flying training.
FB Heliservices managing director Peter Richardson said: "I am delighted that FB Heliservices has been awarded a new contract to continue with the Defence Helicopter Flying School and support services requirements for the UK Ministry of Defence which I believe recognises our success in working with and supporting the UK Ministry of Defence during the last 15 years.
Hybrid has also opened a flying school in order to impart quality flying training to aspiring and eligible pilots, making Hybrid Aviation a complete aviation services provider across the country, the company said.
Built in 1931 as a flying school, the aerodrome became a licensed airport in 1938.
No-one apart from the occupants of the aircraft, operated by Ravenair Flying School, was injured.
The aircraft was operated by Ravenair Flying School.
Five light aircraft from Liverpool Flying School re-enacted the epic journey of pioneering pilot Henry Melly yesterday.
Pilot-training has become easier in the country with the courses offered at flying schools across the UAE which include Alpha Aviation Academy, Emirates Aviation Services Flying School, Fujairah Aviation Centre and Horizon International Flight Academy in Al Ain.
Orville's Aviators: Outstanding Alumni of the Wright Flying School, 1910-1916.
Don McColl, who is believed to be Scotland's oldest pilot, enjoys flying along the Great Glen out of Inverness-based Highland Aviation Flying School He flew under cover of darkness into Italy and eastern Europe during World War II after joining the RAF in 1941, aged 18.
BUDDING pilots will soon be able to get off the ground again with a new flying school at Cardiff Airport.
The Squirrel aircraft, normally based at the Defence Helicopter Flying School at nearby RAF Shawbury, crashed at around 3.