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an extinct reptile of the Jurassic and Cretaceous having a bird-like beak and membranous wings supported by the very long fourth digit of each forelimb

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Above their heads amid the chandeliers was a life-size pterosaur - a pre-historic flying reptile.
They also found mammals that glided from trees (the Mesozoic equivalent of a flying squirrel), a classic transitional form of flying reptile called a pterosaur and even a weird little bucktoothed dinosaur," Hone said.
The fossilized remains of a huge prehistoric flying reptile was unveiled Wednesday at the Rio de Janeiro National Museum where an international congress on the extinct species is to be held in May.
Just look for the nearest giant, flying reptile with a wingspan as wide as a backyard swimming pool.
The team, played by Hannah Spearritt, James Murray and Andrew-Lee Potts, have to cope with everything from giant spiders and flying reptiles to dodos and a sabre-tooth killing machine called a Gorgonopsid.
In 1985, the Smithsonian Institution commissioned MacCready to build a replica of the flying reptile the pterodactyl, which is featured in the IMAX movie ``On the Wing.
What's more, the fossilized (turned to stone) egg contains the perfectly preserved remains of a developing pterosaur (TER-uh-soar, flying reptile related to dinosaurs).
A FOSSILISED embryo of a flying reptile that lived alongside the dinosaurs has been discovered.
No, it's the Pteranodon, a fearsome flying reptile which together with its chum the Spinosaurus cause a whole lot of trouble in the latest episode of the Jurassic Park saga.
This finding represents the earliest and most primitive pterodactyloid pterosaur, a flying reptile in a highly specialized group that includes the largest flying organisms," said Chris Liu, program director in the National Science Foundation's Division of Earth Sciences.
A nine-year-old girl who discovered a new species of flying reptile four years ago has been honoured by having the species named after her.
5 ( ANI ): A new kind of pterosaur, a flying reptile from the time of the dinosaurs, has been identified by scientists from the Transylvanian Museum Society in Romania, the University of Southampton in the UK and the Museau Nacional in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.
The entrance features a number of striking features, including a model of a giant flying reptile.
THIS was a flying reptile which survived on the insects it caught with its sharp, cone-shaped teeth.
2 meter) giant carnivorous fish called Xiphactinus, and a computer-generated, CT-scanned and Rapid-Prototyped flying reptile called Pteranodon, scaled to the largest known specimen.