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At the moment we're working on sketches called The Flying Mouse, The Marathon Joggers and The Bronze Age Man from Arklow, as well as our regular characters' dialogue.
NEW YORK, April 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Publisher Oetinger announced today the publication of their enhanced e-book, Lindbergh -- The Tale of a Flying Mouse that sets new standards for interactivity and detail.
Thanks to a great team, Egreat has already held many industry innovations, such as the flying mouse and 3D converters.
Positioning the computer-generated character on the monitor is accomplished with SimGraphics' patent-pending Flying Mouse, the first 2D and 3D input device able to input all six degrees of freedom (three positional and three attitude inputs) in addition to accurate 2D standard mouse inputs.
NOTE: Flying Mouse is a registered trademark of SimGraphics Engineering Corp.