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Synonyms for slider

a person who slips or slides because of loss of traction

someone who races the luge


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freshwater turtle of United States and South America

a fastball that curves slightly away from the side from which it was thrown

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New Most Wanted players can achieve up to 50,000 Speed Points in the demo - all of which will carry over into the full game, giving players a flying head start to topping the Most Wanted list.
Matters got worse, though, when Michael Hooper was yellow-carded for a dangerous tackle that sent Eben Etzbeth flying head over heels and prompted a scuffle the TMO was content to ignore.
And it isn't just cars that go flying head over wheels.
First, Jermaine Beckford slid in on Steve Harper, who is out for months with a dislocated shoulder as he went flying head over heels.
An estimated 6,000 people gathered on Cooper's Hill, in Brockworth, which has a 1-in-2 gradient, to watch entrants flying head over heels after the prize.
The Flying Head (1990), Alter Ego (1993), Conversation with a Servant
John Arne Riise's long throw was met by Sami Hyypia's flying head and Schmeichel had to tip over for a corner.
In addition, an advanced aerodynamic design for the head slider, which "floats" the head on a cushion of air, maintains the flying head at a constant distance from the disk, a refinement that brings greater reliability to data read and write in low pressure conditions at high altitude.
I wanted to help in any way I could, so I hope giving him a sleek new hair cut will get him off to a flying head start.
Now for the first time, Fujitsu has successfully created ideally "ordered" alumina nanohole patterns for isolated bit-by-bit recording on a large disk area by establishing an innovative fabrication process, and confirmed the basic read/write capability in each individual nanohole of the patterned media using a flying head on a rotating disk.
The dogs are trained to leap at their targets and disable them with a flying head butt.
He crashed into my back and sent me flying head first towards the metal net post on the side of the court.
From the initial feedback we've received, we're confident that we've given the next generation of space explorers a flying head start on learning that math and science are not only fun, but cool.