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large bat with a head that resembles the head of a fox

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The DENR Western Visayas region has earlier proposed the declaration of the flying fox roosting sites, including the adjoining inland and coastal areas, as Critical Habitat.
Everything in the park is covered in flying fox faeces and you worry about getting urinated on,' Kim Gott, another resident, said.
Microbial analysis shows that Indian flying fox ejecta are an amalgam of beneficial and pathogenic microbes and its pH (6.
The Odysseus deposit occurs at a depth of approximately 1,000 m, similar to the depth of Western Areas' current Flying Fox operations.
Flying Fox made the 1st Duke of Westminster the only owner or breeder to have two colts who won the Triple Crown, and John Porter the only trainer to have three of them.
jamieleeparker tweeted:"Bear Grylls on a flying fox with the Torch.
20 -- Extreme Adventure Sports Company "Jumpin Heights" which provides thrills involving The Bungy, Flying Fox and the recently commissioned Giant Swing, has come out with package offers for all its activities at Rishikesh.
A close encounter with a flying fox induces a strong sense of being in the company of an odd little kinsman.
If Western Areas permanently ceases production from Flying Fox and has no further use for the decline and related infrastructure, and Kagara wishes to continue to mine Lounge Lizard, the Project Agreement provides that title to and risk in the decline and related infrastructure will pass from Western Areas to Kagara (upon payment by Kagara of any outstanding pro rata capital contribution).
When it locates food, the flying fox "crashes" into foliage and grabs for it.
A number of Halloween-themed games and activities including the Graveyard Fairground, the Unlucky Dip, the Spider Ring Toss, Name the Beasts, Beat the Ghoulie, the Scarecrow Lasso, the Dark Dungeon, the Flying Fox, the Executioner and his Guillotine and the Stocks have been lined up for this year.
Today, laws protect both Australia's remaining rain forest and the spectacled flying fox, which plays an important role in the rain forest.
Moore then changed his design and based his new machine on the flying fox.
In Samoan the male tattoo is called a pe'a, which is also the word for a flying fox, the only mammal native to the Samoan islands.