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In the early phases of the training program, in the preflight and primary flight instruction phases at the flying fields located in the southern states, French-speaking civilians were hired to serve as classroom instructors and flight line translators.
Anyone interested in visiting the Dunsdale flying field should arrange this beforehand with a member of the club.
As a passionate flier, he was involved in the extension of the Rheine-Eschendorf Sport Flying Field.
The four - David Earnshaw, Chris Naylor, Eric Tong and Trevor Elam - met for the first time in more than 50 years at the club's diamond jubilee celebrations at Whams flying field, near Birdsedge.
Henry Allingham, of Eastbourne, Sussex, who at 110 is Britain's oldest man, was a mechanic in the Royal Naval Air Service and spent his war on a flying field near the Western Front.
Almost immediately they saw two German aircraft and attacked them over the flying field at less than 1,000 feet, in full view of the Americans at the aerodrome and the French citizens of Toul.
The week's events included a roller skating party, potluck luncheon, a formal luncheon sponsored by the dentists, a visit to Huffman Prairie Flying Field Interpretive Center and a presentation from Katherine Grinnell, Oregon Health Sciences University.
CARTOONIST Ken Wilkins from Leamington wonders whether people protesting against plans to expand Coventry Airport are forgetting that Baginton has been a flying field since 1932-3, and played an important wartime role.
Cuss soon met Lindhe at a flying field, where the two became friends and collaborated on some models.
The Thousand Oaks flying field was put out of commission years ago.
In fact, I've succeeded in unearthing only one, a piece in The Observer about Owen Williams' hangar complex at Heathrow in which the author, having quickly exhausted his stock of laudatory adjectives, finds himself yearning for a flying field 'flat, windswept, cross-garnered with the infinite perspectives of runways and rimmed by the horizon itself -- a kingdom over which the aircraft can rule unchallenged .
The club leases a flying field northwest of the Eugene Airport on Alvadore Road, and its members don't use city parks to fly their model aircraft.
The four squadrons of the 1st Marine Aviation Force, which had trained at the newly created Marine flying field near Miami, Fla.
A pasture that had been carved out of an old prairie remnant, known as Huffman Prairie, was used as the flying field.