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(Asian folktale) an imaginary carpet that will fly people anywhere they wish to go

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She disclosed that they will serve candlelight dinners at their Three Sixty revolving restaurant and at Flying Carpet.
THOSE wanting to discover where east meets west, can explore Turkey's history with a flying carpet tour.
Flying Carpet is the all-day dining restaurant which combines international cuisine with a modern approach.
The flying carpet was brilliantly done, impressing the older members of the audience and amazing the youngsters.
London, Oct 1 (ANI): A graduate student at Princeton University, who got inspired from the work of an Indian-origin scientist, has created a flying carpet.
Hajj is not flying carpet that whosoever wills should go to Hajj and whosoever does not will should not go, he held.
Semi-retired Australian enginee Rob Wallace, who is a director and owner of the RoundPeg Innovations company in Melbourne, has created his very own Flying Carpet, literally a rectangular piece of flooring - perhaps carpet or a rubber mat - that maps out an aircraft's cabin seat plan and is located at the airport departure gate.
His other companions are a see-through double of his father who calls himself Nobodaddy and the Otter Queen, Her Majesty the Insultana, who arrives with a Flying Carpet.
DRIVERS were stunned to see a flying carpet zooming at them down the street - balanced on a pensioner's mobility scooter.
Coulter's remark about taking a camel as an alternative to flying in a plane came after Muslim student Fatima Al-Dhaher challenged Coulter, saying she didn't have a flying carpet.
The project's architects say it resembles a cloud or a flying carpet.
The sheikh could choose to depart on his flying carpet
This new edition featuring the image of a leprechaun on a flying carpet may attract more readers than the previous version.
LANCASTER -- Aladdin and Jasmine ride on a flying carpet that flies -- as does the genie, who swings upside down and flies Superman-style above the stage -- at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center.
And it doesn't help that the baby smells, the weather is awful, and he had to ride on a smallish magic cushion instead of a nice and roomy flying carpet.