flying buttress

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a buttress that stands apart from the main structure and connected to it by an arch


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With arms akimbo, you not only take on the appearance of a flying buttress, but an old Burma-Shave adage, "Don't stick your elbow out too far/Or it will go home in another car," also applies.
Protesters said the 119-year-old church, which boats an octagonal flying buttress tower, is an important landmark and visible for miles.
In June, retired teacher John Gardiner, 61, of St Chad's Crescent, Uppermill, Oldham, fell from the Flying Buttress, also on Dinas Cromlech.
Even the signature flying buttress, the body panel that trims the rear window and tapers into the rear decklid, resembles today's Intrepid more than the original Charger.
Behind each of them, with hands on the wall's shoulders, one student acted as a flying buttress and four students acted as regular buttresses.