flying bridge

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the highest navigational bridge on a ship

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Flying bridges, then, especially the raised flying bridge at the third bridge, would allow four stagehands to go to the battens and, working together, trim the batten quickly and easily.
On one trip to New York during a bad storm the sea badly damaged the flying bridge, cargo oil tank heating pipes and the ship's hydraulic steering system pipework, preventing it being steered from midships.
Hutchins now tried to shout directly across to the gun crew and could plainly be heard by us on the flying bridge, "Cease fire
The boat is custom-equipped with removable, deck-mounted, stainless-steel wheelchair lockdown devices, harnesses, a hoist giving disabled clients access to the flying bridge, and custom fishing tackle designed for anglers of all abilities.
What has Jackson excited about Prestige's future is the recent purchase of an Integrated Flying Bridge waterjet cutter.
Dual controls at the main helm and flying bridge allow Steinberg to captain his ship from either position at a top speed of 15 knots and a typical traveling speed of eight or nine knots for maximum fuel efficiency.
19D, and NSTM 077, the bridge and flying bridge are separate entities of the sail when working in them.
Following our Martha's Vineyard excursion we had dinner at the Flying Bridge (220 Scranton Avenue, Falmouth) overlooking the harbour.
a 10- to 12-foot wave as tall as the boat's flying bridge struck the craft, flipping it and tossing the passengers into the 53-degree water.
30pp) onboard a Flying Bridge sleeping ten from late September onwards.
The Caprice, a modern six-berth motor cruiser with Mediterranean flying bridge, was our all-mod-cons home as we explored the twists and turns of this ancient land rich in Celtic and mediaeval history.
Scenic Technologies uses a 4x8-foot Integrated Flying Bridge waterjet cutting machine from Flow International in Kent, Wash.
The Flying Bridge is, for those of you who don't know, the steering position right at the top of the deck, very useful when mooring at one of the many beauty spots on Lough Erne.
Flying Bridge (Gordon Smyth) wins the seller from Legal Play (Jack Hardy/Colin Moss) and Forgotten Dreams (Peter Walwyn) disposes of Barline (Willie Stephenson/Willie Ryan) in the two-miler.
The first subchaser to arrive pulled alongside now and fired its 57 mm guns, striking the radar mast and flying bridge, wounding Captain Bucher (who later received a Purple Heart) and two others.