flying bomb

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a small jet-propelled winged missile that carries a bomb

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I did not need to ask what was happening because the distinctive sound of the flying bomb was unmistakable.
Nevertheless, almost 4,000 flying bombs were launched against England with the majority targeting London.
Marshall, who went on to be a successful trainer in both Britain and Barbados, is to be remembered on a plaque at The Royal Mail pub in Lydd for saving the town from a V1 flying bomb in 1944.
And even if it could, many of them fly from airports that have tittle or no security, from which terrorists could easily steal one of the planes, bead for Reagan National when it is open to private aviation, and then at the last second turn the plane into a flying bomb headed for the White House or the Capitol.
Prof Willmore even calculated the height they would have to fly to battle against the V1 flying bomb menace which was causing severe damage and carnage in the south of England.
This was followed by V1 flying bomb and V2 rocket attacks which went on almost until the end of the war in May 1945.
Although this logically led him to champion the ideal of efficient industrialized modular construction, his own brief foray into the genre, a pair of Braithwaite houses on the LCC Watling Street Estate at Burnt Oak, was a labour-intensive failure, the building itself shortly being destroyed by a nearby flying bomb.
Some of the war's last missions were flown by Type 1s--carrying the Ohka rocket-powered kamikaze flying bomb and initial Japanese peace envoys after the mid-August 1945 cease-fire.
Often overlooked is his work with Kettering during World War I on a flying bomb, the world's first cruise missile.
I would relate those exact feelings to the flying bomb.
1944: The first V1 flying bomb, or ''doodlebug'', landed in England.
The first was the V-1, a flying bomb, the earliest operational cruise missile.
Another more serious incident was when Tom saw a VI flying bomb speeding high above Norton Junction.