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a large seaplane that floats with its fuselage in the water rather than on pontoons

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Now the Sunderland, the British flying boat patrol bomber developed for the Royal Air Force, will again be "taking off and landing" in the Milford Haven Waterway thanks to a W unique project at the Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre and funding through a Ministry of Defence covenant programme.
30pm Catalina an American flying boat will take to the skies, 2pm Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, 3pm The Red Arrows and at 3.
Though none of the original Boeing Clippers was preserved, experts at the Foynes Flying Boat Museum have built a meticulous replica by following drawings provided by Boeing.
A flying boat will also be in action and a racing boat driven by a former F1 world champion will take visitors on high-speed thrill trips.
As their bond grew he took the cat aboard a Sunderland flying boat on a maiden flight and the feline flyer was soon accepted by pilots and aircrew as one of the team.
The factory was up and running by March 1918, and on March 27, the first Curtiss H-16 flying boat built at the NAF took to the air.
Curtiss' first successful flying boat flew in 1912.
The H-16, which first appeared in 1918, was the most-produced twin-engine Curtiss flying boat, boasting a top speed of 95 mph and a range of 378 miles.
A flying boat is a fixed-winged seaplane with a hull that allows it to land on water.
But, just a short journey away, we were to share a drink at the Foynes Flying Boat Museum that has made the country famous throughout the world.
On Tresco, we also visited the Flying Boat Club, a new development of timeshare and rental cottages.
Forty-five people who were killed when a flying boat crashed 50 years ago were remembered in a ceremony yesterday.
A sometimes nerve-tingling tale of the history and glory of the Dornier Wal (whale) amphibious aircraft, or flying boat as they were called, covering its roles in the North Pole (and many other) expeditions, passenger service, pioneering flights, world record achievements and World War II Dutch naval fleet surveillance duty.
FILM makers are trying to trace people who left Austin's Longbridge plant during the Second World War to work at a forgotten flying boat factory in the Lake District.
Basil's life is dull--until an eccentric professor who is steering a flying boat enters his world, bringing him to a magic floating city filled with inventions and wonders.