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birds having keeled breastbones for attachment of flight muscles

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London, June 7 (ANI): Great Indian Bustard, one of the world's heaviest flying birds is on the verge of extinction, conservationists have warned.
These will include the Holystone Hawks, static and flying bird of prey displays, and Heavy Horse & Gundog demonstrations in the East Arena.
NOT only is the eagle the highest flying bird but, I understand, it is the only creature that can look straight into the sun and not be dazzled.
On June 6 the egg hatched, increasing to 27 the surviving world population of the largest flying bird in the United States.
sandersi vies for the title of biggest flying bird with another extinct species, Argentavis magnificens.
ISLAMABAD -- A fossil found three decades ago in the US may have been the world's largest ever flying bird, say researchers.
Researchers believe New Zealand's kiwi and Madagascar's elephant bird descended from a small flying bird which may have flown from Antarctica long ago.
The female Orb Weaver spins a web of fibers thin enough to be invisible to insect prey, yet tough enough to snare a flying bird without snapping.
Flappy Wings - The aim is for the flying bird to catch spinning coins amid multiple coloured walls as background and a catchy soundtrack.
THE High Flying Birds came from a song, High Flying Bird, by Jefferson Airplane, while the idea of putting his name first was a nod to Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac.
Noel's first solo record High Flying Bird will be out on October 17.
Yumi flying bird print shoulder bag, pounds 35, www.
The world's heaviest flying bird is finally on its way back to Britain after a 172-year absence - and a last-minute hitch involving Russian paperwork.
At the same time the Gobi group was digging up Mononychus bones, another group of scientists was disovering some interesting things about the most primitive flying bird, Archaeopteryx, which lived 147 million years ago.
The captive breeding program feeds, monitors and cares for North America's largest flying bird, whose wing span averages about nine feet.