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These visiting birds include shorebirds, waterbirds, flycatchers and the elusive swifts that ride the air currents that precede storms.
Among his catches were: the Nicobar Jungle Flycatcher, Central Nicobar Serpent Eagle, Nicobar Megapode, Arctic Warbler etc.
VISITOR The Acadian flycatcher has never been seen in UK
Twitchers from as far afield as Lancashire descended on the headland but there are fears the weary flycatcher has died.
Southwestern willow flycatcher potential prey base and diet in native and exotic habitats.
Richard Fahey, trainer of Flycatcher She's got to step right up on what she's done and we're searching for a bit of black type.
Their songs uniquely identify them, and certain flycatchers can be conclusively identified only by sound.
As a result we determined the apparent overall nest success for each species (successful nests/total nests for all years combined) as well as the Mayfield (1961, 1975) nest success during each year for each species with at least five nests during a given year (one exception was willow flycatcher with four nests in one year).
I detected 18 Neotropical migrant species, of which 2, Willow Flycatcher and Black-headed Grosbeak, were confirmed nesters, and identified another 8 species as probable nesters within the wetland boundaries.
A FEMALE pied flycatcher has rewritten the record books.
The Acadian flycatcher (Empidonax virescens) is one of 35 species of Tyrannid flycatcher that have expanded their distribution from the Neotropics to temperate latitudes of North America.
A spotted flycatcher landed on a hollyhock, arching the stem like the spine of a leaping fish or the fisherman's rod.
As a result, some of Guam's native birds, such as the Guam flycatcher, and reptiles, such as the Micronesian gecko, are now extinct.
Brown-headed cowbirds smuggle eggs into flycatcher nests, where flycatcher chicks have to compete with the hulking, alien offspring.
The artist explains that the tongue is the most powerful muscle of the body and as sticky as a flycatcher.