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Synonyms for flyaway

guided by whim and fancy

(of hair or clothing) worn loose

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Look under Peculiar Ground Support Equipment (PGSE), Flyaway Equipment Kit, and the Flyaway Equipment Kit RPSTL.
ATCi), a provider of ground-based commercial satellite communications systems and services, announced from the IBC conference in Amsterdam its specialized flyaway broadcast system.
Sat-Comm Broadcast declared that it will be unveiling its new 75-Ka portable newsgathering Flyaway Antenna at the CABSAT show in Dubai.
Flyaway is a story not to be hurried: A gently unfolding, quietly evocative meditation on the fragilities and resilience of the natural world, families, friendships--life itself.
Irvine Station will have 500 surface parking areas, where FlyAway passengers will be able to park without charge for up to 30 days.
Lightweight conditioners seal moisture into the hair to reduce that flyaway look.
A breeding programme aimed at increasing carrot fly resistance produced Flyaway some 10 years ago and, more recently, Resistafly.
SO many of my clients complain about their hair being static and flyaway.
Also, I have fine, flyaway hair that no haircut can fix.
Bosses at Flyaway Parking in Paisley paid for repairs.
We think of the SNB as a relatively inexpensive training plane, but it may surprise you to know one costs the Navy $72,886 in flyaway condition.
THE Brian Clemenson-trained Lady Flyaway, one of Hove's top stayers of the past decade, has been retired after finishing lame in a 740 metres open at Nevill Road last week.
Here's an easy and doable suggestion: A FlyAway bus from Ontario to Disneyland and back.
The agreement will allow the FlyAway bus service to operate non-stop from Irvine Station in Orange County, California, to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).