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fish with flies as lures


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Ken Thomas hooked and released 19 fish, his son Ian hooked five and fellow Cardiff fly-fisherman Pat Cawley returned nine trout.
Cardiff fly-fisherman Ken Bowring and Roger Martin, from Taffs Well, have continued their good run with limit catches of rainbows to 2lb from both ponds on several days.
The lake-record rainbow is a 14-pound, 1-ounce specimen taken in October 1995 by fly-fisherman Tim Halley of San Diego on a small hare's ear nymph on 2-pound test tippet while float-tubing near the boat dock.
A first-timer at Kirman, the fly-fisherman was catching and releasing 2-pound brook trout as if he were fishing a hatchery.
All in all, the group work edited and with a foreword by acclaimed New York fly-fisherman Nick Lyons make for a nice collection of mostly enjoyable essays that will appeal to many avid anglers.
Casting call: Sam Mihara, an author, photographer and fly-fisherman from the Long Beach Casting Club, will appear as guest speaker during tonight's 7:30 p.
When you catch two at once, then you know you've done it right,'' said the Mira Monte fly-fisherman, who specializes in angling with two and three flies along shallow-flowing Sespe Creek near his Ventura County home.
It looked interesting to me because I'm a fly-fisherman, and I thought the kids would really enjoy watching the trout grow and then release them into the streams,'' he said.
Operators of Baja Anglers, one of the few sportfishing outfits in Cabo that cater specifically to the fly-angler, had anticipated that November would be getting late in the dorado season and that the winds would be picking up, making it difficult for a rookie ocean fly-fisherman such as myself to cast proficiently.
There are other hatches going on (duns, sedges and midges), but the rainbows eat one stonefly and their brains key in on that one particular thing and it becomes their food of choice,'' said Tom Scott, a Portland fly-fisherman I've known since junior high who was taking me down the 36-mile stretch of the Deschutes from Trout Creek to Maupin for the fifth time in a McKenzie-style drift boat (named after another Oregon river) he built from scratch in 1980.
On the fly: Ask a fly-fisherman and he'll tell you worms and live bait are for wimps.