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fish with flies as lures


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Time was when we in Wales had the finest fly-fishers and fly-dressers in the world.
Tired George, who is life president of the Warrington-based North-West Fly-Fishers, snoozed in his car until 4pm.
Looking for something for the fly-fisher that has everything?
The reel will also work for fly-fishers wanting a large arbor reel for their spey rod.
These were only a sampling of the big, muscular rainbows that fly-fishers landed last year on the 6-mile Railroad Ranch section of the Henry's Fork of the Snake River, in southeast Idaho.
In his search Karl Malik discovered that fly shops are pretty marginal businesses for the most part because, while fly-fishers tend to be wealthy and spend lots of money on their sport, they are distributed widely across the country--a critical market access and distribution problem.
Freshwater trout fly-fishers generally use five-weight or less rods, so a 14 is heavy artillery, nearly the heaviest fly rod made.
CERRALVO ISLAND, Baja, Mexico - Only mad dogs and fly-fishers go out in the mid-day sun in July in Mexico.
Fly-fishers venturing to New Mexico's high country to sample some of its well-known and lesser-known water should be thankful for the generosity of the Sangre de Cristo Fly Fishers in sharing some of their secrets.
The four-mile section below the dam is called the ``Quality Water,'' and not because upper-crust fly-fishers fish it but rather for the extremely good fishing here.
This companion to Graham's No Nonsense Guide to Fly Fishing Southern Baja has an overview chapter along with detailed information, ratings and maps on fishing 14 ``Hot Spots'' in what fly-fishers call Mag Bay.
The lack of sizable fish has created a debate among anglers along this section of the Owens, pitting fly-fishers against bait fishermen.
For an excellent guide to fishing the Green, read Denny Breer's book ``Utah's Green River - A Fly-Fishers Guide to the Flaming Gorge Tailwater'' Published by Frank Amato Publications.
Beginning fly-fishers can expect moderate results by trolling streamer or baitfish patterns while in a float tube.
Fly-anglers unite: Fly-fishers Mike and Christine Fong are scheduled to speak on Northern California angling at the monthly Sespe Fly Fishers on Wednesday at 7:30 p.