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a flight at a low altitude (usually of military aircraft) over spectators on the ground

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flag, fly-bys from an F-15 squadron and other Armed Forces participation.
Army's award-winning Golden Knights Parachute Team -- Fly-bys orchestrated by the 177th Fighter Wing of the New Jersey National Guard and 108th Air Refueling Wing -- U.
After a quick retreat by both they buzzed each other once more in dramatic fly-bys and fighting formations.
Initial fly-bys of other Company rigs in the path of Hurricane Rita have not indicated any significant damage.
3 (ANI): The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will conduct two fly-bys at 9.
jumping into the memorial site with a 65 foot by 30 foot American Flag, fly-bys from an F-15 squadron and other Armed Forces participation.
This allows the ability to create interesting fly-bys with realistic perspective views using only still images as the source.
Recent Predator fly-bys, Laden's tapes and interviews are pointing his appearance to these vast mountains.
Then he came swooping down for some fly-bys, coming within about 3 feet of the ground before rising again.
Following a route that includes two fly-bys of Venus, MESSENGER should reach Mercury by March 2011.
A lengthy review of evidence, including recent Predator fly-bys, Bin Laden's tapes since 9/11 and interviews with three dozen experts on Al Qaeda, Pakistan and special operations, point to these vast mountains as the terror chief's most likely haven.
Guitar Player magazine says the band's sound is "a mixture of the Police's syncopated pop, electronic elements a la Tortoise, textural fly-bys, and tricky two-hand tapping.
This year's show will celebrate 100-years of flight with the death defying aerial acts, military fly-bys, exciting ground exhibits, and a massive display of fireworks and experimental and antique aircraft.
Planes will be on display as well as perform fly-bys during the event, which runs from 9 a.
The grant awards are just one facet of UCB's Premiere Week events, which have included branch ribbon cuttings, airplane banner fly-bys and a "Being Good to You" Sweepstakes offering California consumers the chance to grab for cash in one of three cash cubes located in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Fresno.