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Synonyms for fly-by-night

Synonyms for fly-by-night

a debtor who flees to avoid paying

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(of businesses and businessmen) unscrupulous



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That means local officials can go after the true polluters, the fly-by-night businesses paying for these signs, without having to stake out street corners.
My brother is not involved in some fly-by-night operation; he's very prepared,'' said Rick DeReyes.
This, he says, puts Jackie Brown's plight in stronger relief - she's a middle-aged, underpaid flight attendant for a fly-by-night airline, who's got to help the feds bust a murderous gunrunner or face a prison term.
Guzman, who started Concept in 1987 and specializes in renting ``grip trucks'' stocked with lighting equipment, said the glamour of Hollywood blinds many of its players to the obvious dangers such as fly-by-night operators who put off payments for 120 days and then routinely stiff creditors.
A YOUNG Irish mum told last night how she and her daughter made a fly-by-night escape from war-torn Liberia.
Fly-By-Night Trash will empty my 12 old cans, leaving only the new green one for my regular trash hauler.
Dismissing Unz as a fly-by-night whose only claim to fame is his successful management of Proposition 227, the anti-bilingual education initiative, they argue Unz is so narrowly focused he cannot conduct a campaign on the broad issues facing the U.
A WEST Midlands MP who used to make her living writing wills has warned the industry attracts "the incompetent, the dishonest and the fly-by-night operator".
She has no time for fly-by-night sales folk who think they can make a fast buck with a foray into the real estate business.
They've got the Hollywood Fame, the latest fly-by-night expansion franchise for the American Basketball Association.
Especially those that are obtained by fly-by-night companies to blackmail legitimate patent holders with the threat of a patent infringement lawsuit.
Please do not put the FairTax into the category of some fly-by-night political scheme.
They represent, like many of the fly-by-night monophysites and dilettantes who are allotted air time on Vision TV, merely a small minority of disgruntled persons who falsely claim to represent the majority of Canadian Catholics.
If someone hears of you, but you don't have a Website, you will seem, at best, outdated and, at worst, fly-by-night.