fly the coop

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Children have a habit of growing up so quickly that almost in the blink of an eye they are ready to fly the coop, so I hope he enjoys each and every moment spent with his family.
It's a relatively simple story - ``The Great Escape'' but with chickens trying to fly the coop before they end up as Mrs.
Inspired by 'The Great Escape', it's set in a chicken farm where the inmates are desperate to break out and fly the coop before they are turned into pies.
It's the story of a group of chickens faced with a race against time to fly the coop before the farmer's wife can turn them into pies.
They fly the coop every year to dodge a council's summons servers.
As thousands of snowbirds fly the coop south to evade the cold and flee their winter confines, the oceanfront Trump International Beach Resort in Miami promises to bail them out of low temperatures and high rates with a 35% off savings package.
Little wonder that he apparently wishes to be released from his gilded cage and be allowed to fly the coop to Crystal Palace, who may well be heading for relegation to the Championship unless he can do what miracleworker Tony Pulis did.
His sister, who announced she wanted to go to sleepaway camp for the summer when she was 6 (we said no), has never hidden her determination to fly the coop.
THERE will be no 'Chicken' on the Wigan menu next season because George Carmont has decided to fly the coop.
HUNDREDS of pigeons are to fly the coop in aid of cancer care in Solihull.
By signalling that he's burned out and ready to fly the coop, Ashcroft has offered the president a significant opportunity to restore an appropriate level of moderation to his Cabinet.
All three still live at home, but yearn to fly the coop.
You can usually trust your 83-year-old mother to stick with you, but even she is going to fly the coop and watch the rugby, though I have informed her I won't be impressed if I return to find her fast asleep, surrounded by empty beer cans and with her face painted in the cross of St George.
Chicken Run,'' featuring the voices of Mel Gibson, Jane Horrocks and Miranda Richardson, is the story of a bunch of hens literally trying to fly the coop.
Should the two of them fly the coop so Derek can become a born- again sex bomb?