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an implement with a flat part (of mesh or plastic) and a long handle

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Brandishing a fly swatter, this palace guard's chief task was to keep flies (which he describes as a mortal enemy) away from the king.
While they drew, I blasted "bug music"--a CD inspired by early cartoon music--and carried a "magic wand" in the form of a fly swatter, dubbing students "bug artists.
Fry-a-fly killer Electrical Bug Racket Fly Swatter www.
Instead of closing the open window that has allowed the annoying pest in and then going after the critter with a fly swatter, Sam jumps up in a fit of exasperation and starts blasting away with the shotgun.
We used paper napkins instead of cloth and set out a fly swatter for local color only.
Using a newspaper or fly swatter for punishment may stimulate a pet to bite.
Panel Discussion - Embedded Virtualization: Killer App Enabler or Atomic Fly Swatter
TODAY CLUBS AND BARS Barfly, Kingsway, Cardiff Fly Swatter, 10.
It's not really expensive, but I've just recently bought myself an electric fly swatter.
Essentially a 21st century fly swatter, the Zaptech is great for keeping the wasps at bay and I reckon this gizmo should be introduced in Scotland on the off chance we ever get another summer.
Arthur first grabbed a fly swatter but wisely grabbed a squash racquet to arm himself against the over-sized insect - and any supersize sting
For Eshom's piece, he has to incorporate a dog puppet, a jar of cold cream and a fly swatter.
This three-part mailing showed improper sports equipment in action, for example a fly swatter being used to play tennis instead of a tennis racquet.
Keates had the only effort on target - a free kick which under-worked keeper Lee Jones could have kept out with a fly swatter.
Students were encouraged to notice the many details in Yanez's kitchen example, such as the calendar on the wall, refrigerator magnets, fly swatter, clock, and outside view.