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flap consisting of a piece of canvas that can be drawn back to provide entrance to a tent

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The waterproof fly sheet is then stretched over the top of the poles and clipped into position.
The fly sheet suggests that it will "be an invaluable resource, both for the trained health care professional and medical professional and for students in training".
We are told on the fly sheet that WIDER's purpose "is to help identify and meet the need for policy-oriented socioeconomic research on pressing global and development problems, as well as common domestic problems and their interrelationships.
Tenders are invited for Rayon Braided Hose Pipe And Fire Fly Sheet
All 5ft 11in of me is not a comfortable fit in such a small abode and waking up with wet hair every morning due to my head touching the fly sheet, became a little tiresome.
It took us an hour and a half to work out the difference between a fly sheet and a guy rope - and a further hour to tease the whole thing into a shape that could remotely be described as "igloo".
Tenders are invited for Supply of Rayon braided hose pipe and fire fly sheet
In regards to keeping pests off of your horses, many companies also make fly sheets, and neck and leg guards as well.
We distribute no fly sheets and that saves on our ad costs enormously.
For all its dry documentation, moving from memorial to memorial, report to report, Grace to Grace, analyzing fly sheets and letters to the editors through every tiresome round fought between pro- and anti-women, the work makes an emotional impact.