fly rod

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a long flexible fishing rod used in fly fishing

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Tenkara fly rod, available in 8'6", 10'6" or 11'6" lengths
One is with a fly rod using imitation flies to catch a trout on a river or a loch.
As a mate was up from London for a week's sport and I wanted him to catch something, I kindly allowed him to borrow my spinning gear while I decided to persist with the fly rod.
Pack your fly rod and wade for trout on the White, North Fork, Little Red and Spring rivers.
From any of these spots, you can touch down, take a short drive to the resort and have a five-iron or a fly rod in your hand within minutes.
Fake Bass Pond and Middle Bosque River: When he's not planning the invasion of Iraq, Bush enjoys casting a fly rod over the nine-acre fishing pond he had built and stocked with bass.
Whereas you might feel confident wrestling a big fish your way with a plug or jig rod, the limber, thin fly rod may convey a sense of inadequacy.
carp on a fly rod, a gifted artist who loved music.
It features two Scotty Fly Rod Holders with threaded mounts and is the only pink kayak on the market to have holders specifically for fly rods.
After coaxing out trout to 1lb from the low, clear River Taff, Kyle Charlston moved on to Penywern Middle Pond and cast a dog biscuit with his fly rod to hook a carp weighing 8lb.
Participants will get a chance to practice casting with a fly rod, learn to identify the aquatic insects fish eat (that artificial flies mimic), watch experts tie flies and try tying a simple fly themselves, as well as learn to tie the knots fly anglers use.
It was his first from the River Tay, it was his first on a fly rod, it was his first springer and it was his first 20-pounder.
Most people associate trout with fly-fishing but you can catch everything from a striped marlin to a mackerel on a fly rod.