fly off the handle

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Very few people met his high standards, which irked him and he was always likely to fly off the handle into a rage, then 30 seconds later the emotional pendulum would swing completely back the other way.
Basically journalists with little or no emotional intelligence ask daft questions that are certain to see soccer bosses fly off the handle with the blood still curdling after a tough 90 minutes in the dug-out.
They would probably fly off the handle and leave home.
Men are also liable to fly off the handle when it comes to on street parking spaces.
We're like chalk and cheese, but we get by happily because we don't fly off the handle and we always talk things through.
But she is no wild spirit, ready to fly off the handle at every disappointment that may come her way and this she attributes to her parents, Marina and Vladimir.
If they fly off the handle, let them have their moment, then talk to them again when things have calmed down and they've had the chance to think.
Gilroy - who murdered ex-lover Suzanne Pilley after she dumped him - tells shop owner Norman Kirkwood: "I am not the type of person to fly off the handle.
The only time I've seen him fly off the handle was last season against QPR.