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a narrow raised platform at the side of a stage in a theater


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Performing in the large hall of the Mozarteum, without fly gallery or curtain, the singers gestured to one another but were in concert attire.
Work is currently underway to clear the loading bay and fly gallery at the Performing Arts Center of Wenatchee in preparation for the installation of its new, full acoustic concert shell and storage/office space.
Backstage is exposed because the legs are up, which means the curtains that are usually hung on the sides of the stage during the show are now dangling high above in the abyss of a ceiling called the fly gallery.
Racks of portrait-sized mirrors descended from the fly gallery to suggest Idotmeneo having to accept his actions and not continually blame them on the gods.
The group's production of Jerry Herman's The Best of Times, which runs from May 21-26, will be the theatre's last before it closes for about 18 months for a long-awaited operation involving building a circle and a fly gallery and making badly-needed improvements to the dressing-room accommodation.