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a flow or discharge


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We as well as the beautiful come about through transitive, fluxional, vehicular processes; "the divine animal," he writes in "The Poet," "carries us through this world" (CW 3, 16).
The origin of the bent and fluxional skeleton of heavy allenes is ascribed to the Jahn-Teller distortion (18) associated with the effective [pi]-[[pi].
Como se puede ver, la notacion fluxional de Newton se asienta en una concepcion cinematica de las curvas y de su generacion.
And fifth, perspective is fluxional rather than static; it is enhanced as the will to power increases (p.
Given the increasingly fragment, asymmetric, fluxional, ambiguous, emerging nature of organisational life, given that there are still so much we do not know about complexity, it would be a better option to insure openness to alternatives, differences and diversity than to settle for principled approaches, perspectives, concepts.
El ensanchamiento de las senales se puede deber a un comportamiento dinamico de la molecula, el cual puede ser un comportamiento fluxional del ligando.
54): landscape is the allure of arrival, yet, as Crispin discovers, the journey is always in process and images are parts of a world that is always fluxional.
In so minimizing liturgical differences, Higginson committed most of liberalism's universalizing sins, but he also imagined a cosmopolitan piety' in which religious identities were open, fluxional, and sympathetic rather than closed, fixed, and proselytizing.
The fluxional or infinitesimal calculus was also important for another comment that indicated the rent theory played a more general role in the formulation of the marginalist project.
En medio de su diferencia, las cualidades (siempre participantes de un nexo de polaridad) remiten las unas a las otras y son cualificables como momentos de una unidad compleja y fluxional (ejemplificativa de la negatividad, es decir, de la imposibilidad de persistir en si como identico a si mismo), en que las determinaciones cualitativas se licuefacen y se convierten reciprocamente (cf.