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(physics) the number of changes in energy flow across a given surface per unit area

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8, the MR effects increased with increasing magnetic flux density and magnetic saturation was reached at about 560 mT.
The photon flux density (PFD, between 400 and 700 nm) was measured by the same spectroradiometer and by an LI-190SA light sensor plugged into a LI-1000 Datalogger (LI-COR, Inc.
The proposed model further suggests that in presence of a magnetic field, the equivalent circuit representing the neuronal plasma membrane may be expanded by including a magnetic-field-dependent current source whose magnitude is proportional to the magnetic flux density.
r] is remaining magnetic flux density of permanent magnets, [[mu].
stator]), the flux density of the pole in the teeth and in the yoke, ferromagnetic material (different B-H curve) and the flux density on the face of the permanent magnet (working point) were systematically changed (Meszaros 2007).
max] is the amplitude of the flux density under the pole, f is stator frequency, [U.
Other topics addressed include methods of characteristics evaluation of electrical contact properties of carbon nanotube coated surfaces, theoretical and experimental analysis of magnetic flux density distribution as a diagnostic tool for critical failures, the tribo-metrology of the skin, micro/nano scale mechanical and tribological characterization for orthopedic applications, the friction and wear characteristics of rubber coating in fretting, the characterization and simulation of cylinder liner surface finishes, and life estimation of turbine oils in power plant equipment.
2], for a 750 W, 350 rpm, ceiling fan motor, efficiency is considered as the objective function whereas temperature rise and motor weight are the constraints and the slot electric loading, magnet-fraction, slot-fraction, air gap and air gap flux density are the design variables.
In reality, the demonstration is measuring the rate of transport or flux density (F), which also can be symbolized by the letter "J" and is commonly expressed in units of mol [m.
The temporal variability of the climate system can be analysed on the basis of the flux density F of the outgoing long wave radiation.
Magnetic flux density in w-coordinates will be evaluated as a derivative of the magnetic vector potential W(w)
Two-dimensional laminar flow and heat transfer in the entrance region of a symmetric wavy-channel with constant wall heat flux density which includes fourteen undulations are presented.
Its advantageous characteristics include uniform deposition; ease in controlling the amount of flux; and, because it is a closed system, no drift in flux density.
At magnetic fields exceeding about 80 Oersted, flux density differences between tensile and compressive stresses start to diminish.