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(physics) the number of changes in energy flow across a given surface per unit area

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Also, the maximum and average airgap flux densities obtained from the FEM and sizing analysis agree well.
To quantify the magnitude changes in the swelling ratio due to the magnetic field, the percentage differences ([DELTA]B) in the extrudate swell for all thermoplastic melts for various magnetic flux densities were re-plotted in comparison with their individual extrudate swell ratio without the magnetic field, as expressed in Eq.
The results were only considered in terms of the change in [DELTA]B value as a consequence of changing magnetic flux densities.
Customers have been waiting for flux densities >10W/cm2 to replace expensive, power-hungry and toxic Mercury lamps in a range of high speed ink printing and adhesive curing applications.
The magnetic flux density of the electro-magnetic field was altered by varying the amount of the electric current from 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, to 10 A, values that correspond to the magnetic flux densities of 0, 0.
With the highest flux densities available today equating to 2300 mW/cm2, these products expand the use of LEDs in wide-ranging applications for adhesive and paint curing, sterilization, skin treatment, forensics particle detection, currency verification, fluorescence and blacklight blue.
The Chorus(R) motor also allows high flux densities, which greatly enhances the power output when operated under saturation.
The heat flux densities crossing the polymer mold interfaces, the mold surface temperature and the recorded pressure (considered as constant in the thickness-Fig.