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Synonyms for flute

a high-pitched woodwind instrument

a tall narrow wineglass

a groove or furrow in cloth etc (particularly a shallow concave groove on the shaft of a column)


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form flutes in

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CAIRO: Egypt currently has one of the most successful and renowned health and family planning programs in the world, according to Holly Fluty Dempsey, director of the Office of Health and Population at USAID Egypt.
In the first act, Officer Reggie Fluty describes her first encounter with the dying boy: "He was covered in, like I said, partially dry blood and blood all over his head--the only place that he did not have any blood on him, on his face, was what appeared to be where he had been crying down his face" (36).
Survivors include her husband; four sons, Patrick of Eugene, Charles of Jasper, William of Goshen and Robert of Seattle; two sisters, Polly Fluty of Kentucky and Flo Wilks of Ohio; 11 grandchildren; and 11 great-grandchildren.
The males have a super four-note song which sounds like a fluty "pleased to meet you".
Anne Schwanewilms' Desdemona was markedly less successful, with as many sour notes as sweet, as many hooty tones as fluty.
Thus, I found myself beside the sphinxlike Ileana, with her fluty voice, her guarded chuckle; the mercurial Michael, abrim with effervescent apercus; and a mysterious fellow, Georges, who, as the lover (we all believed) of the landlord, came along with the rental to do the mopping-up.
CCNY has decided to take a strategic position with Cyberoam because of their unique ID-based security offering to the SME Community to guard them against external threats as well as unauthorized access to their mission critical business data," said Scott Fluty, president, CCNY.
Davis played Reggie Fluty, the police officer who is called to the scene of the crime.
The combination of their rich, fluty song - bettered only by Nightingales - and spectacular song flight ensures they have few rivals when it comes to turning heads.
He became a cult figure for making up his own words and sentences like: "I troppled over a childer in the swingly park and brockled my fluty bone.
Fluty, a 6-0 guard who started last season, has not played while recovering from knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus suffered while playing baseball in the spring.
Hammond, who hadn't been expecting me to pronounce a verdict in the case, but only to render a medical opinion, swallowed hard and asked, in a curiously fluty voice, "Involuntary manslaughter by whom?